Wednesday, February 8, 2012 Real Life Supervillians Suck #4

Reported all over, but I pulled the story from KCRA TV (Sacremento, California):
Police: 'Bombs' In Bank Robbery Are Apple Pies

Suspect Allegedly Stole Undisclosed Amount Of Cash, Left Behind Suspicious Package
2:07 pm PST February 4, 2012

SACRAMENTO; Calif. -- A man who police said robbed a downtown Sacramento bank claimed he had a bomb inside a fast food bag, which turned out to be apple pies from McDonalds.

Sacramento police said Daniel Hegwood walked into the Wells Fargo bank at Capitol Avenue and 30th Street about 1:15 p.m. Saturday.

Hegwood, 33, told a teller that he had a bomb and wanted cash, Sacramento police spokesman Andrew Pettit said.

"The suspect left a package at one of the teller windows and said there was a bomb inside. He got cash from the teller and fled on foot," Pettit said.

As Hegwood exited the bank, he left behind a bag that he said contained the bomb.

Officers spotted Hegwood about a block away in the Sutter Hospital parking garage. He was wearing a red backpack.

"There was money protruding from the backpack," Pettit said.

As officers tried to take Hegwood into custody, he claimed there was an explosive inside his backpack.

Police setup a perimeter and bomb technicians searched the backpack. They found only money and items belonging to Hegwood.

Meanwhile, the bag inside the bank that the man also claimed contained an explosive actually was two hot apple pies from McDonalds, police said.

Of course, longtime comics geeks know this isn't the first time fruit pies were used to pull a heist: