Monday, October 11, 2010 Highlander vs. the Nun's Bank Account

At last! The lady Immortals get their hand in! From the October 5th edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer:
Woman accused of sword attack

By Eileen Kelley
October 5, 2010

A 29-year-old South Fairmont woman was ordered held on a $15,000 bond Tuesday on accusations that she sliced the fingers of her boyfriend with a Japanese katana sword and then five days later tried to cash a forged check that belonged to a Covington nun.

Angela Dawn Offill faces charges of felonious assault, receiving stolen property and forgery as well as two unrelated cases that involve theft and a driving infraction in which there had been warrants issued for her arrest.

In court on Tuesday. Offill’s lawyer said the woman had a seventh-grade education and that she has lived with the man she is accused of attacking for the past nine months.

As for the check forgery allegation, the amount was for $95. It was not clear in court Tuesday why there was the delay in tracking down and arresting Offill on the series of charges.
The mention of two more "unrelated cases" leaves me wondering how a sword attack and a check-forging scheme could be related when they occured almost a week apart.