Friday, October 24, 2008 Halloween Countdown: The Thing on the Fourble Board

Just a small update tonight, as I am away from my home, my high-speed internet, and my beloved McAfee-free laptop.

Quiet, Please is a forgotten gem of a program from radio's golden age. It was practically a two-man operation; Wyllis Cooper wrote and directed and Ernest Chappell played the lead for every episode. The stories unfolded like a conversation, with Chappell's easy manner perfectly complimented by Cooper's imaginative scripts. While sound effects and other actors were used, they were used sparingly and with restraint. The result was a very intimate show, one that draws in the listener to the point where he almost becomes part of the cast.

I've posted here what is regarded as not only the most chilling tale of the show's run but one of the scariest programs from the entire golden age of radio. "The Thing on the Fourble Board" tells of a weird discovery aboard an isolated oil rig, of a creature beyond imagining making its way back to the surface from the very center of the Earth.