Friday, October 31, 2008 Halloween Treats: H.P. Lovecraft

I had just spent the better part of an hour preparing a post offering up the 2006 BBC Radio documentary, Weird Tales: The Strange Life of H.P. Lovecraft, as well as the earliest media adaptation of Lovecraft's work, a 1945 episode of Suspense featuring Ronald Coleman in "The Dunwich Horror". And then I learned that this guy has already put up both of those items and a lot more besides.

So the hell with it. Instead, I will offer the only thing that other blogger hasn't yet, a picture of HPL run through ImageShack's rather bizarre "glittery" option.

Hey, Tiger Beat! I think I've found your next cover crush!


Joanna said...

thank you x a thousand for that link! And for demonstrating what Lovecraft would look like as an extra from "Twilight." Eldritch horror indeed...