Saturday, October 29, 2011 Halloween Weekend Events

In addition to tomorrow's Vincent Price celebration, the Portage Theater is hosting a Halloween Chainsaw Massacre tonight starting at 7PM. The original versions of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween will be shown. Yeah, it's probably going to be a digital projection, but it's FREE. The event is all ages, but booze will be sold to those with a proper ID.

If you really hustle, you might be able to squeeze in three clasic horror flicks tonight!  Because the Music Box Theater is running a midnight showing of the Lucio Fulci classic, Zombie! I've never seen this on the big screen, so I might make attend this one if I am still sober by nightfall.  Be warned, however, that you will encounter Rocky Horror fans attending the sold out screening also at the Music Box tonight.  Brrrr.

For those of you (way, way) outside of the city, there's Nightmare on Chicago Street, a zombie-themed streetfest being held tonight in Elgin.
Nightmare on Chicago Street is Elgin’s ZOMBIE SAFE ZONE.
Chicago St. from Douglas to Villa
Entrance on Spring St.
Saturday, Oct. 29th

If you have not noticed there have been many strange things happening (read about them here) in and around Elgin, IL. The end is near!! The apocalypse is at hand, and your only way to survive is to be at the safe zone…. The Last Human Stand!

It All Ends Here!!

At the entry of the horrific street fest, (entry points at the intersection of Spring and Chicago) visitors will be welcomed by a mountain of macabre body bags and hazmat gear to make sure that ONLY HUMANS are allowed entry.

Storefront windows will be boarded up, cars, provided by Artie’s Towing in Elgin, will be flipped over and garbage will be strewn across up the street. This is not your average Halloween decorations… is much MUCH more than that!

Svengoolie and Victoria Price, daughter of Vincent Price, will be on hand for a meet and greet.

A dance group will entertain the crowd with a performance of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and dozens of morbid actors and actresses will mingle about fest goers. Now im sure that some zombies will make it into the safe zone, so just be aware of who’s around you, your surroundings, and make sure to AIM FOR THE HEAD!

Alcohol will be served from the 16 foot beer truck, plus several stores and bars along Chicago St. will be on hand to serve up food and drinks as well. Many of the store will be open and running so please, support them, buy from them, and keep them open during this time of need. For a complete list of stores that will be open during the festival, CLICK HERE.

Drinks and snacks will be served up in military-like survival kit ration packaging, and make-up artists will be present to create zombies (and survivors who fought off zombies) out of willing fest attendees. A zombie council will be present fighting for the rights of zombies.

Sounds like it'll be a lot of fun. Well, except for the overplayed Thriller dance.